Connecting from the heart

Couple Enrichment in albuquerque, nm

november 11, 2023

Schedule:  Saturday, November 11, 2023, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

Location:  Albuquerque Friends Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

Registration Deadline: Friday, November 3rd

Cost: $50/couple (covers registration, materials and food)    Scholarships available. 

Facilitators: Debbie & John Humphries

This experiential workshop will provide an introduction to Friends Couple Enrichment and to the practice of Couple Dialogue. Grounded in the Quaker testimonies of equality and peace-making, Friends Couple Enrichment (FCE) is a ministry to any couple in a committed relationship. Facilitated by trained leaders, workshops introduce the spiritual practice of Couple Dialogue, helping to deepen the intimacy and realize the joy at the heart of each relationship so that they become beacons of love and peace to others.  For more information, watch this short Quaker Speaks video:


While this workshop will "stand alone" as an introduction to Couple Enrichment, we plan to offer a series of four 90-minute follow-up sessions online to allow participants to go deeper and get more experience with some of the skills and concepts.


If you are unable to participate on November 11th, but you are interested in future Couple Enrichment opportunities, please email us at the one of the addresses below and indicate your interest.  We anticipate organizing additional events here in NM in the coming years.


A Couple Enrichment workshop is an opportunity for a couple to focus on their relationship, enhance communication skills, and deepen their appreciation of each other. Couple Enrichment workshops help couples to celebrate their relationship’s joys and strengths, and to develop skills to deepen and improve their relationship. A Couple Enrichment program is not therapy; it is a way to make good relationships even better.

The workshop emphasizes creating a safe and supportive community, learning concepts and skills, and giving couples the time and space to focus on each other. Some sharing is expected, but no one has to share on any particular topic. Much of the couples’ work is done in private. The program is not confrontational, and the ground rules are designed to assure safety and comfort for all participants.

Couple Enrichment workshops are open to all couples in a committed relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or religious affiliation. Virtually any couple that gives a good faith effort to a Couple Enrichment program can benefit.


Facilitators Debbie & John Humphries were married in 1990 and began attending Quaker meeting shortly after. They moved to New Mexico in 2020 and are active in the Albuquerque Friends Meeting. They received training as a leader couple for Friends Couple Enrichment in 2015 and have been leading workshops since 2016. Debbie is faculty in nutrition and public health; John manages their farm in Estancia. They have two grown children, both living in Massachusetts.