New Leader Couple: Andrew & Kirsten

September 2022

In September, 2022, FCE celebrated that Kirsten Brink and Andrew Dembski have completed the Leader Training program and chosen to commit themselves to the ministry of Friends Couple Enrichment.

Kirsten and Andrew encountered FCE early in their relationship, when they were still dating at a distance. After taking an FCE workshop at the Friends General Conference Summer Gathering they quickly adopted the practice of regularly dialoging. They are now married and living in Texas with their fur-baby, Shania.

“As engineers, problem-solving is what we both do as a profession, so learning to listen, sit with feelings, and allowing space for each other to be heard have been key teachings FCE has brought to our relationship,” says Kirsten.

While still in training to be a leader couple, Kirsten and Andrew volunteered to facilitate FCE’s ongoing monthly online drop-in dialogue sessions. These 90-minute Zoom calls bring together couples who have learned about the power of witnessed dialogues in an FCE event and want to keep experiencing it. For Andrew and Kirsten, the regular opportunity to tap into a safe community space for witnessed dialogue has not only taught them more about teaching and facilitating dialogue, but kept their relationship growing as well.

In April, 2023, Kirsten and Andrew will join with Mike and Marsha Green to co-lead an in-person workshop at the Pendle Hill Retreat Center in Wallingford, PA.

“We are looking forward to this first opportunity to co-lead an in-person workshop and sharing the things we have learned that have fostered a more wonderful relationship with each other,” says Andrew.

The FCE Leader Couples who gathered in September to celebrate Andrew & Kirsten’s commitment to FCE offered many words of joy and awe at the prospect of working with this couple. The formal minute of recognition as an FCE Leader Couple says, in part:

“Andrew and Kirsten share a strong commitment to using and demonstrating the power and wonder of the dialogue process. They clearly model reflective listening and take their dialogues to deeper levels of feelings, not just surface words. Their teamwork, mutual love and trust, and willingness to be vulnerable with each other are apparent to those who witness their dialogues. FCE Leader Couples who have witnessed their facilitation have especially appreciated the energy, creativity, and plain speech that they bring to Couple Enrichment events to help illustrate relationship complexities and to invite couples deeper into dialogue. We have faith that any couple that attends an FCE event facilitated by Kirsten Brink and Andrew Dembski will be deeply touched by their ministry.”